Nebraska lawmaker restless over an expected oil pipeline installation

An expected installation of a new oil pipeline in Nebraska is causing unrest among the locals. Word came on January 13 that a local lawmaker is very edgy over the proposed installation of a new pipeline and made a point that legislation in Nebraska was introduced to dispel public concerns. And the recent hot-button issue caused by building an oil pipeline through the state is already causing a disturbance.

The Lincoln Journal star reports that the plans of TransCanada to build the Keystone XL pipeline have met with very negative reactions from the public. It is being considered a threat to the environment, among other concerns. Also brought up was the fact that the key aquifer for the region sits in an important part of the north of the state near the area where the pipeline would be built.

Annette Dubas, D-Fullerton, state senator for Nebraska, has tried to bring the situation under control by asking TransCanada to first file an application with the state in which they plan to pursue research to determine if such a project is truly hazard. The application would then have to be approved by county officials.

The new act is known as Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Notification Act. Dubas wants to make it certain through the introduction of the new act that oil companies interested in working in Nebraska take precautions that might affect the safety of its people.

Dubas also stressed the fact that as a senator, she wants the citizens of the state to feel that they have a state agency working for them that cares for their best interests. Everyone or anyone cannot go about damaging the environment they are living in without the state taking notice of it.

The current bill does not have any section for natural gas pipelines. Dubas considered it a more serious issue that is already under stricter federal laws and is therefore not a priority of this act.

TransCanada officials are silent over the proposed act. And they made no comment over it when asked for comments by a Nebraska newspaper.

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