US curbs oil’s hazardous effects

Global Warming and the environment are two serious issues for the United States, and the country has taken up the task very positively. They not only have environmental groups but the Legislation has also decided to concentrate on issues related with the environment to avoid the ill-effects of the future. The Legislation and the environmental groups jointly proposed that the government should show more concern towards oil and natural gas fields that were devastated after the Deepwater Horizon blast. The total number of oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico region exceeds 27,000.

It’s unimaginable to believe that most of these wells were deserted after the blast. In fact, not much attention has been paid to those in recent times. Investing in oil has become a matter of huge risk, and not many wanted to dip their hands in the running sea. The government has proposed to take immense care of the region and prevent any kind of contamination of the nearby seas and waters from the crude oil of nearby wells. The United States government has initiated measures to look into these dormant wells. The Associated Press reports that the government has not paid heed to the oil wells since the blast and ensuing oil spill. In fact, after the blast, these wells were not stream-lined to the land appropriately; as a result, the waters hold a higher risk of contamination.

The leakage of thousands of wells definitely has brought enormous amounts of pollutants contaminating the waters, and keeping aside the air pollution during the blast was yet another disaster. The Gulf of Mexico saw approximately of 50,000 oil wells drilled in the past six decades, and presently about 23,500 wells are been banned from operating due to the devastating environmental effects. Many state Governors have completely prohibited the operation of 3,500 oil wells for the good of the environment and the surrounding areas.

Energy analysts predicted that the oil wells that were sealed after the calamity could leak after a few decades, and this could ruin the neighboring regions. This would happen due to the failure of the cement plugs and the rusting of the metal casing. It was heard that the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has already begun to propose the well closure report. This closure was proposed without even examining the current condition of the wells. Besides, neither the respective oil companies nor the government performed any kind of check, which eventually resulted in deserting many oil refineries. The Minerals Management Service hired a study commission which reported that the affected oil wells of the region may emit crude oil, but even after the warning was sent there had been no proper response on the issue.

A leading Turkish Petroleum Company has discovered a couple of off-shore wells, and now, as a result, little attention is paid to these deserted wells. But the U.S efforts to curb the ill-effects of the shocking calamity have definitely taken shape and results would be seen soon.