Gasoline Price Declines by Almost 7 Cents in Georgia

Over the previous week, Georgia’s retail gasoline prices have declined by 6.9 cents to reach the recent average of $3.18 per gallon. This is somewhat close to the average gasoline price throughout the country which has also fallen by 7.9 cents last week and reached $3.45 per gallon, according to, the state’s website of gasoline price.

Together with the changes in Georgia’s gasoline prices last week, the recent cost of gas in the state was lower by 29.8 cents a gallon compared to the same day last year and lower by 21.3 cents a gallon compared to one month ago. The country’s average for gas prices has declined by 21.7 cents a gallon in the past month and is lower by 14 cents a gallon versus the same day last year.

The leading cause of these falling gas prices is that current crude oil prices continue to turn lower and lower, for a variety of reasons.

According to Patrick DeHaan, the Senior Petroleum Analyst of, the gasoline average throughout the country has now fallen to its lowest level since the 4th of February this year. The cheapest gas available right now stands at $2.3 a gallon in Taylors, SC. Although this will surely not be the cost at every station, most of the gasoline stations have fuel prices that are significantly lower compared to the past months, said DeHaan. is operated by GasBuddy and there are more than 250 websites which also follow gasoline prices in at least 140,000 stations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Moreover, GasBuddy is also offering a free app for smartphones to aid drivers in finding gasoline prices within their location. This app has been quite popular with motorists so far.

By: Chris Termeer