Connecticut Has the Highest Gas Prices in the U.S.

Connecticut’s gas prices for this week earned the distinction of being the highest in the continental U.S.

According to the Daily Fuel Gauge Report of the AAA, the current gasoline price in the state was $3.82 per gallon, a rate that is higher by 3 cents compared to that of California. It is also higher than the national average of $3.48 and it is the highest in all the 48 lower U.S. states.

Kevin Curry, co-owner of a gas distributor operating multiple Meriden stations said that taxes are the main reason for the state’s higher gasoline price today. He said that he spends 64.45 cents a gallon between federal and state taxes.

Connecticut has several of the highest gasoline state taxes in the country, at around 47 cents a gallon. The taxes consist of a 25-cent tax on the retail cost, 7.53% tax on the wholesale cost for an additional 22 cents per gallon.

The last time drivers in Connecticut spent more for gas compared to motorists in California was on the 9th of February.

According to Curry, owners of gasoline stations do not earn much from the current gasoline prices. He further said that several stations deliberately lower their prices to attract customers to their convenience stores where they can profit more from the food and drinks brought from them.

At South Meriden’s Shell station, drivers said that they are used to spending more compared to other states.

Al Mendez, a resident of South Meriden, was surprised that Connecticut’s gasoline price today surpassed that of California. He said that he had made changes in his routine since gas moved to over $3 a gallon.

Although Connecticut’s gasoline prices have increased by 16 cents over the past month, the good side of that is that it is lower compared to the previous year, when the state’s average gas price was $4.05 per gallon. Moreover, the current gasoline price in the state is also lower this year versus its peak rate of $4.16 reached in the month of April.

By: Chris Termeer