Drop in Current Gas Prices in Arizona about to Change

Arizona’s current gasoline prices had been falling. According to state’s AAA, however, the trend is about to shift.

According to the Auto Club, the average price of regular unleaded gas in Arizona fell $0.016 at $3.278 per gallon. Among the lower 48 states, the current gasoline price gained $0.044 at $3.534. The state with the lowest average gas price is South Carolina at $3.239 while the highest average is Connecticut at $3.828.

Arizona’s AAA said that the state’s average price fell 4.4% or 15 cents per gallon last July while the average nationwide gained 17 cents per gallon, or 5.1%. Although the average price in Arizona has maintained its long drop in the last several weeks, it is anticipated to follow the nationwide trend soon.

The average gas price today in Pinal County moved higher in each city except Eloy, said AAA Arizona. Tucson has the lowest average in Arizona’s metro area at $3.167 per gallon while Flagstaff has the highest rate at $3.526. The average gas price today of Casa Grande gained 2 cents at $3.275.

In western Pinal County, other average prices $3.259, $3.283, $3.295 and $3.327 in Florence, Coolidge, Eloy and Maricopa, respectively. The best deals in the county was $3.199 in several Casa Grande locations according to recent observations and internet search results.

In other municipalities, the cheapest gas prices today is $3.229 at Florence’s Circle K, $3.239 at Maricopa’s Shell station and $3.279 in several Coolidge locations.

Readers should be aware that price changes happen quickly and from time to time.

By: Chris Termeer