Current Gasoline Prices in California Seem to Trend Upward

The prices of gasoline in California posted a slight net fall in the early parts of this week. However, the decline seemed to suddenly stop as current gasoline prices appear to be on their way up, shows the latest price poll.

The state’s gasoline price today is averaging at $4.149 per gallon, a rate that is lower by a cent compared to the past week. At the national level, the average is 3.8 cents lower compared to the previous week at $3.833 per gallon.

With the recovery of pump prices in the past days, Californians are not yet feeling the stable gas price relief that usually happens in the fall season, according to Jeffrey Spring, spokesman of Southern California’s Automobile Club.

The spokesman added that the oil price per barrel has been so unstable throughout the past several weeks that it is difficult to say where the price of gas is directed in the days to come.

The current gasoline price average of self-serve regular gas in the LA-Long Beach Area is lower by 1.1 cents compared to last week, at $4.154 per gallon. That of San Diego is 3.5 cents lower versus the previous week at $4.131 per gallon.

San Francisco took the spot of San Luis Obispo as one of the cities in California with the highest prices at the pump. SFO’s average gasoline price today is higher by 2.3 cents compared to SLO’s $4.254 a gallon.

Around the eastern part of Stockton, the highest gasoline price in the entire state can be found at a Bridgeport Shell Station. The gasoline station’s fuel has the hefty price tag of $5.19 per gallon.

The lowest current gasoline price in California may be found in the Central Valley at $3.75 a gallon, a rate that is almost the same as last week.

The lowest price in the entire United States may be found in Vicksburg, Mississippi with two areas selling gasoline for only $3.35 a gallon.

Despite the seemingly high prices at the pump in California, it is still better compared to what citizens in Barrow, Alaska are seeing in their stations, with a gasoline price today of $8.90.

By: Chris Termeer