Current Gasoline Prices Post Another Drop in Southern California

The current gasoline price average for each gallon of regular gas in the county of Los Angeles dropped for the 35th straight day, shedding 0.8-cent to its cheapest price since the 7th of August, at $3.896 per gallon.

The average gasoline price today reflects a decline of almost 80.9 cents in the last 35 days, which includes its drop during the previous day of 0.9-cent. The figures of the Oil Price Information Service (OPIS) and AAA show that the fall happened after an increase of 50.4 cents in just seven days, when prices reached their highest price ever of $4.705, last October 9.

The current gasoline price average is lower by 10.7 cents compared to last week and 77.3 cents versus the past month. However, it is higher by 1.6 cents compared to a year ago.

Similarly, the average gasoline price today in Orange County posted a decline for the 36th straight day, shedding seven-tenths of a penny to its lowest price since the 2nd of August, at $3.842 per gallon.

The current gasoline price average in Orange County reflects a total drop of almost 84.8 cents in the last 36 days, which includes a recent fall of 1 cent. This occurred after a six day increase of 51.3 cents to one of the highest gas prices ever at $4.69 per gallon on October 8.

Orange County’s average gasoline price is lower compared to the past week by 10.2 cents and the previous month by 79.6 cents. However, it is still higher compared to a year ago by almost 1.5 cents.

By: Chris Termeer