Current Gasoline Price Keeps on Falling in Sacramento

The gasoline prices in the Sacramento area shed another 3.4 cents during the previous week as shown by the most recent weekly price data.

Sacramento’s current gasoline price average is about $3.56 per gallon. The last time when that level was reached was in the early parts of July. This price level is lower by 49.1 cents versus last month, when drivers were suffering in the midst of price surges that were attributed to a set of refinery interruptions within the state.

Aside from being lower compared to its level during the previous month, the current gasoline price in Sacramento is also below its rate last year by 4.7 cents.

At the national level, the average gasoline price today is still the same, at $3.43 per gallon, based on reports. That rate is lower by 14.1 cents compared to the past month, but it is 11 cents more than the previous year.

A consensus estimate of petroleum and refined commodities analysts indicates that price changes are not expected to be very sharp – in either direction – throughout the country during the holiday season.

This year’s Thanksgiving marked the highest ever average gasoline price for the holiday. That level surpassed last year’s rate by more than 10 cents per gallon. The average gasoline price nationwide may keep on falling a bit by Christmas time. However, the change from now until Christmas will not be very significant.

By: Chris Termeer