Greenpeace Protests against Arctic Oil Exploration

An environmental activist wears a fake polar bear suit and floats along the Moscow River prior to its his short detention in an effort of the Greenpeace group to fight oil and gas exploration in the Arctic waters of Russia.

The activist in his suit was standing on an air cushion looking like piece of floating ice with signs saying “Arctic not for Sale” and “Help.” The river patrol eventually took the activist into custody.

After his brief detention, the activist was released by the police without any charges. Greenpeace then tweeted that crimes are being done in the Arctic.

According to the environmental group, the protest was aiming to obtain attention to a planned oil exploration partnership between Statoil of Norway and Rosneft of Russia to explore the untapped oil deposits of Russia’s Barents Sea.

On its website, the group said that it was beginning to gather petition signatures asking the Prime Minister of Norway to stop the project, cautioning the potential danger of oil spills.

Greenpeace alleged Statoil of being prepared to perform projects that are risky for the environment of Russia, yet not willing to do the same thing in Norway, its home country.

The Arctic waters of Russia are considered one of the last enduring natural wildernesses worldwide.

Greenpeace cautioned that, if a disaster in the Barents Sea takes place, the damage to the environment in the north as well as to the fish resources and the people of nearby towns would be terrible.

By: Chris Termeer