Current Gas Prices Increase in Hawaii

Hawaii’s current gasoline price average reflects an increase of 0.3 cents a gallon over the previous week. Due to that rise, the recent average retail cost of gasoline in the island state stands at $4.36 per gallon, according to a poll local gasoline stations. The gasoline price today in Hawaii is higher than the nationwide average, which has shed 5 cents a gallon in the previous week to its present rate of about $3.52 per gallon, according to gas price tracking statistics.

Including the change in Hawaii’s gasoline prices during the previous week, the recent prices were lower by 16.6 cents a gallon compared to the same day last year and are lower by 1 cent a gallon compared to the past month. The nationwide average has declined 13.8 cents a gallon during the previous month and is currently lower by 37 cents a gallon compared to the same day last year.

The nationwide average keeps on falling down as the prices of oil have dropped throughout the past several weeks, according to petroleum traders. The savings on a year-on-year basis is nearing 40 cents per gallon in several areas. Although this does not seem a lot when it comes to savings, every penny counts.

Other experts point out that Memorial Day is approaching, so there is a possibility of a rise in price instability due to the season of maintenance at refineries that will gradually end soon.

By: Chris Termeer